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Tips for marketing on social media- Read all the benefits

Want some tips for marketing on social media? Well, then this article is for you. Social Media Marketing or SMM means creating and sharing your content on social media sites for creating your brand appearance and establishing brand value, increasing website traffic, increasing sales, and achieving marketing goals.

Things to consider before you start social media marketing:

  1. The goals you want to attain through social media marketing.
  2. Who are your target viewers?
  3. Where do they mostly stay in social media like their selected groups in social media.
  4. The messages and services you want to bring to them through organic and paid media.

The 6 Most fruitful and Common Types of Social Media Advertising in 2021

  • Facebook Advertising.
  • Instagram Advertising.
  • Twitter Advertising.
  • Pinterest Advertising.
  • LinkedIn Advertising.
  • Snapchat Advertising.

Some important social media marketing tips:

As there are many social media sites,  you have to choose wisely which site or sites and ways you will choose to make your brand presence. So here are some tips about how to start using social media sites for your business or lead generation.

1. Your unique content: 

Posting in different social media groups or creating ad copy for your paid campaign all are known as content. So be creative enough to create unique, attractive, and convincing content. Do proper keyword research for your writing, create attractive images through photoshop or illustrations, or collect relevant stock images with your content. In the case of E-commerce try using real pictures for your product.

2. Great  content: 

Try posting regularly and engaging people with your content. Post attractive and relevant images, videos, infographics, and carousels. Try to give valuable information or how-to guides to your audiences.

3.Content marketing through social media:

You can write engaging content and create a loyal follower base on social media. Then continue writing amazing content for your existing and new follower base. Website content and blog content can get popularity through social media.

Apart from writing your own unique content, you can also share other’s links with valuable content that may be useful to your followers. It can raise your trustworthiness and you can get some links in return also.

5. Keep pace with competitors:

You will always need to keep track of your competitor’s activity. Which social media sites are they using and getting benefitted, keep an eye on them. While following their strategy try to do something better from them.

6. Keep up the tone of your brand image:

          Different social media sites have different environments. Whatever the Environment, you have to keep up the tone of your brand image. Stay consistent with your brand’s core identity whether it is friendly, funny, Educative, etc.

7.  Track campaign results with analytical tools:

        For tracking your campaign results on various social media you can use different analytical tools. Google Analytics is a very popular analytical tool.  You have to attach a tracking code to track social media marketing campaigns.

 8.  Handling snafu: 

     Sometimes a chaotic environment may appear. You have to handle them positively to increase your brand image. These are some awesome tips for marketing on social media.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

Positive Brand Acknowledgement:

Social media marketing will create positive brand acknowledgment for you by

1.Creating Brand recognition:

People usually buy goods from those brands that they can recognize. It’s really simple to create brand recognition through social media marketing. While people are spending their leisure time using social media, you can reach them very easily through social media advertising.

2. Discussion encompassing the brand:

An effective social media strategy will generate discussion encompassing your brand. When people comment on your posts, try to engage them by giving replies. Thus they will feel valued.

3. Understanding audiences through social listening:

If you monitor the conversation of people on certain topics, you will come to know the tone they use in their communities. It will help you to match their tone while promoting your products and services on social media.

4. Brand’s story:

Share your brand’s story with your audiences through social media. If you can share an effective story it can increase your brand awareness to a great extent. You can share a story by sharing positive reviews that your clients gave you or you can share about any event that your company organized. 

5. Social listening:

Social listening is a good way to understand your customer’s viewpoints and get an idea about keywords the audience is using. You can also see the insights about your page on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Provide good customer service:

Any company can build a good customer relationship through social media by tracking customer behavior, listening to their problems, providing the necessary solutions, engaging them through different interesting and useful posts, and giving them the necessary after-sales service.

7. Create a loyal customer base:

A company can create its loyal customer base for free through social media marketing. When customers will start following your brand on social media they are more likely to buy from you than your competitors.

Increasing traffic to your website or blog:

1. Inbound traffic stream:

Apart from gaining traffic from search engines, you can also get traffic from social media. 

If you have good content then you can get lots of social media sharing. Those people who find your content valuable can write similar content and link back to your content for reference, thus it can create link building for your website.

3. Extract what’s free:

It’s totally free to create a Facebook business page and create posts on it. If you want to go the extra mile within your own budget you can pay Facebook for advertising or boosting posts. 

You can set up campaigns on Twitter and other social media sites also.

4. Set up your page as a reliable source of information:

When you start posting more and more content on a relevant topic, the search engines understand your authority over the content.

5. Retargeting using social media:

Retargeting is a crucial part of Digital Marketing and it is easier to use social media platforms. Only 2 percent of people will purchase your product during their first visit and the other 98 percent of people need retargeting Ads.

When people visit your social media site some anonymous “cookies’’ will be placed within their browser. Later, when they visit a social media site, they will see ads on your site. Thus you will be in the eyes of your customers even when they are not visiting your site.

6. Viral Ads:

Social media can make ads go viral. Social media is the place where ads are mostly shared.

Increase conversion rates:

Make a note about how much of your traffic drives into conversions. You can accelerate conversion into four ways:

                 –   Set a call to action button:  A call to action button always motivates customers to take a specific action.

                   –   Contests: Running contests can help increase the reach of your product. Contests, giveaways are always helpful. To run a contest  you can ask people to

                                 Repost your contest photo

     Like/follow you

    Tag your page

   Tag their friends

Thus contests can spread your online presence.

             –   Ads: You can directly post ads to your targeted audiences.  Always remember that social media sites are not a  marketplace. So posting organic content that leads to sales or conversions can seem a little awkward. You can always post-paid detailed targeted ads through social media.  

Using social media for promotion:

       –  Promotion through content writing:

 You can promote your product through creative writing. Attractive, creative content can attract your customers. Thus these types of content can promote your product too.            

      – Take advantage of Facebook groups:

Facebook has 620 million Groups. Your customers can be in a few of those groups.  So you have to find out those groups that work with your subjects within the industry. Then follow what they are doing and then they will follow you back if they like what you are doing. This is very important because 72 percent of the people are more likely to purchase from whom they follow. 

       – Use social proof to attract new customers:

Common psychology among people is that they want to buy from those places that are well-known or already have so many customers. They believe it proves that those who have more customers, Definitely have something good in them.   

        –   A / B testing:

You can prepare similar content and post at different times and track the result. Based on the result you will come to know which one will be more effective.                          

 – Use hashtag #:

Using a hashtag can accelerate the reach of your post. As using a hashtag is free so one shouldn’t miss taking advantage of it. But don’t use too many hashtags. Just use relevant hashtags. From Twitter’s trending page, you can find the relevant hashtags.

From the above discussion, one can have a very good idea about Social Media Marketing. These tips will be useful for marketing on social media.

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