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Facebook business page optimization and a good Facebook marketing strategy are necessary for you if you are a brand and you want to show your online presence. Approximately more than 2.8 billion people use this social media site every month, which is huge traffic.

As business people, we are completely aware of the fact that marketing should be done where there is lots of traffic. So, we should be smart enough to have a master plan or strategy to connect with those potential customers and take all the benefits of this social media site.  The following table of content will be helpful for you if you need Facebook business page optimization help.

Table of contents:

  1. Your guideline to Facebook business page optimization:

Opening a business page on Facebook is very easy and it’s completely free but as a digital marketer, you have to do it meticulously. You have to follow certain steps to show your professionalism in creating and optimizing a Facebook business page. Businesses will hire you as a digital marketer as you will set a completely optimized Facebook business page for them. So the steps that will help your Facebook business page optimization are described below.

  • Opening a facebook business page:

.At first, you need to log in to your personal Facebook account. At the top of the right corner, you will see a plus sign near your name. Click it. Here you will find several options to create a room, page, post, story, group, etc. Select Page. It will redirect you to create a Facebook page. Now you will find the options to give page information. So give your page name, then write page category. You can select more than 1 category but at first select your main/primary category then you can also select related categories. Then give the description of your page. Then click the create page. Thus a business page will be created. Now you will find the option to give a profile picture and cover photo.  After uploading your profile picture and cover photo, click save.

Now you will get all the options on your page. Now your page is ready to customize. From the left side of the page click edit page info.

Edit page info:

Here you will find detailed options to customize your site. Your page name, the username( a unique name for your page), Categories. Now set your contact info like your phone number, email ( try to give your business address using your domain name), and website address. Give your location details, service area and choose hours, temporary service changes (if applicable), and other necessary information.

Newsfeed option:

 From the news feed option, you can follow related pages from your page. From the update option, you can find the updates.

Inbox option:

Click inbox and then click automated responses. Click greet people and then turn on instant reply. From the text, option writes the message you want to send your customers to greet them. You can also add the customer’s name. By editing the away option you can select the time when you can not respond.

Here you can also set a FAQ that is Frequently Asked Questions. Click FAQ and then set some possible questions that your customers may ask and then write automated responses for those questions. You can also add a button and set a URL.

Insight option:

From the insight option, you can get all the insight about your page and make an analysis of your page.

Publishing tools option:

From this option you can see your story archive, create new posts or see your published posts, schedule posts or see your scheduled posts, can see draft or expiring posts, can go to the creator studio where you will find a lot of options to create videos. From the content library option, you will get a lot of options.

[email protected] option:

Below the name of your page, you will find this option. Username is a unique name that helps people find you i.e your business easily on Facebook.

Add a button option: 

On the right side of your business page name, you will find this option. Set a button that is appropriate to your business like if you run an e-commerce website then you can add a shop now button.

 Thus you have created a beautiful and optimized Facebook business page. Now it’s all set to write some posts.

  1. Types of Facebook posts:

Photo Posts:

        Generally, photo posts have much higher engagement than text posts. While scrolling the news feed or visiting your page, an attractive image can always grab the attention of your prospective customer. Whatever business you run, try to capture a clear, high resolution, and beautiful picture of the product. You can decorate the product with different objects or can slightly edit the background. But always try to give a real picture to maintain authenticity.

     Video Posts:

  Videos are even more compelling than photos. If you want to make an urge through video, the video must be descriptive, beautifully shot, have the proper sequence and timing. Videos are always better than photos because videos automatically play in your newsfeed so they can not easily avoid people’s attention if made properly.

   Facebook Live:

  Facebook live video is a live-streamed video on your Facebook page. It is much more effective than posts and videos. It will surely build the authenticity of your page and create an intimate relationship with customers. Through Facebook Live, it becomes easy to select products, solve queries, and place orders.

Facebook stories:

Facebook stories are the photos or videos that live at the top of the news feed. Photos appear for five seconds and videos can be up to twenty seconds long. As stories appear at the top of the news feed, more than half a billion people see Facebook stories every day. So if you want to draw the attention of your prospective customer, then Facebook stories can be a good option indeed.

Pinned Post:

You can keep all the important information related to your business as pinned posts. Pinned posts stay at the top of any business page and make sure that people easily see those posts when they visit the page.

Linked content post:

You can post content that contains links. When you post linked content you will see a preview of the content. The link may contain images and texts. After watching the preview, people may click the content to read the whole content.

From the article written above, we can have a good idea about creating and managing a Facebook business page and it will surely serve your Facebook business page optimization need.

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