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Facebook Marketing Strategy Template | Guide to Facebook Marketing

If you are doing business on Facebook, you must have an idea of the Facebook Marketing Strategy Template. As you now have a Facebook business page and you already know how to give posts/sales posts on Facebook, you must now want some conversions or sales whatever your goal is, in an either organic or paid way. Whatever your goal is, you have to do it in a strategic way. 

Anyone can make a sale post and boost it, but as a digital marketer, you will do it in such a way that brings out the best possible result. That’s why people will hire you as an expert. So, how will you do it?. First, you have to know all the tactics involved here. How will you know it? Don’t worry I am here to give you a free guideline that is a Facebook Marketing strategy template for free.

      Facebook Marketing Strategy template for organic reach:

Organic reach is one of the best ways for Facebook marketing. Organic reach means the reach you get without paying Facebook for it. Here you can not select your audiences for your post on your Facebook page. But you can do the following things to increase your post reach through Facebook organically.

Photo: Facebook Marketing Strategy Template for organic reach
  1. First write a good, informative post and include images that can draw attention.
  2. As you can not select your narrow audience here by selecting their demographic, interests and behaviour, try to find out related Facebook groups. Nearly 1.4 billion people use Facebook groups every month. Groups are the virtual places where people share information, buy/sell goods. So try to make interactions with people and acquaint yourself with them, so that they can trust you. Online platforms are often misused by frauds. So people can not trust sellers easily now-a-days. So, you have to give some effort so that people can trust you.
  3. To increase your authenticity, you can come do live streaming in those buy/sell  groups on Facebook. Thus people will recognize you by your face and will trust you.
  4. You can also write informative posts on those groups apart from giving only sales posts.
  5. You can also make the use of your personal profile to increase sales. Let your friends on Facebook know that you are doing a business. Spread the news through stories or facebook posts and drag them to your page.
  6. Focus on two or three groups instead of posting on several groups.
  7. Posts regularly on your Facebook page and also pay attention to the timing. Observe deeply which posts get the most reach and  the time you posted it.
  8. Another way to get organic reach can be through organizing contests or giveaways. People always love free stuff. Ask people to mention your page, upload your product photos, write about you and tag people on their friends list. Now announce the process through which you will select the winner. Thus you will get a huge reach.

     Facebook Marketing Stategy template for paid advertising:

If you want to reach a large, custom audience through Facebook, you can easily do it through advertising on Facebook. As you will now pay Facebook for advertising you can get your desired result by doing it professionally. Now, we will discuss how to reach a large and custom audience through Facebook ad manager.

Photo: Facebook paid campaign
  1. Go to the URL and type facebook.com/ads manager: It will redirect you to facebook ads manager.
  1. Now select your campaign objective. It may be to create brand awareness, to get reach, to bring traffic, post engagement, conversion, catalogue sales, video watch, get messages. Whatever the reason, select it carefully. 
  1. Campaign budget and ad scheduling: Do it according to your needs.
  1. Now go to the next page. Now give the campaign name. Set the special categories if required. Select campaign objective. Set a daily budget for your campaign. You will also get the option to schedule your ad here. Now click next.
  1. Now give your ad set name. Select the ad type. If you are running this ad to get more messages. Here you will get two options. Select the type you want. For example, you have selected click to messages. 
  1. Now select the messaging app that is where you want to get all the messages. Suppose you have selected messenger.
  1. From the account option, select the Facebook page for which you want to do the promotion.
  1. Location Targeting: For location targeting you must know where your prospective customers are living. Here I will show a demonstration of how to do location targeting. You will do it on the basis of your prospective customer’s location. You can select a few places within a country or of several countries. You can also select some countries as a whole. Choice is yours. Let me give an example to make it clearer.

For example, Company X is running a clothing business that sells western designer dresses for working women. As they make expensive dresses they want to target high-income families of Bangladesh. They may target a few cities in Bangladesh where high-income working women live. They can target cities of the eight major divisions of Bangladesh. From the location option select people living or recently in this location.

From the search location option type Bangladesh. Then from the search location option type name of the eight major divisions has selected the include option from the left side. When you search for a city, you will find several options, select the state option if you want to select the exact map area of the city, otherwise, you will select the radius of the city.

  1. Age: As we go with our example and we sell expensive western dresses, then we may target women who have an age range of 24-40.
  1. Gender: Obviously here we will target only females.

    11. Detailed targeting: For detailed targeting click browse. Here you can choose females on the basis of their demographics, interest, and behavior.

     12. Language: Select the language of your choice.

     13. Placement: You can select either automatic or manual placement. If you select manual placement, you will get four options Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and audience network. Select one and above according to your needs if you are confident enough about the placement in terms of generating potential customers. You can also select automatic placement. In that case, Facebook will decide where it will show the ads keeping in mind the best strategy for you.

Go to the next page and create the main ad that will be visible to people.

Ad writing:

Ad name: Give your ad a name.

Select Facebook page: Now select the Facebook page for which you want to give the ad.

Instagram page: Here you can select your Instagram page or connect your Instagram account. 

Now it is time to set up your ad. You can either select an existing post from your page or create a new post. If you click on the select post, you will see all the posts on your page. Now select your desired post. After selecting the post, you will see the preview in the right portion.

 In case, you want to create your ad now then click to create the ad. After clicking the create ad, you will get two options. 1) Single image and video. 2) carousel. In the case of a carousel, you can add two or more scrollable images. Now you can give the primary text, description, and headline of your choice and see the preview in the right portion.

When you are done with the ad setup you can publish the ad. 

How to make payment to Facebook:

 To make the payment, go to the settings option, then select payment settings. Now click to add money. Add an amount according to your needs. Now select your debit or credit card. Give the necessary information.

Facebook will review the ad according to their guidelines and if it does not violate their rules, Facebook will publish it.

From the above-mentioned Facebook Marketing Strategy Template, you can easily set your Facebook marketing strategy. This step-by-step guideline is helpful for those persons who want to set their Facebook marketing strategy.

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