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Keyword Research tools in SEO

  Keyword research tools in SEO are of significant importance. Without understanding how to do keyword research and which tools to use, you can not do search engine optimization. In this article, we will discuss how to do keyword research, which tools to use and how to use them. We will learn everything practically.

We usually do keyword research to find out those keywords that we want to rank on Google’s first page as we want more and more visitors to our website.

While doing keyword research we basically try to find out five things:

  1. Keyword trends: We need to find out what is the trend of a keyword before we start working with it. Whether the search for that keyword is increasing or decreasing. Obviously, we will work with those keywords for which the search trend is increasing. Google trend is a free-to-use and very effective tool to find out the trends of keywords. We have to make the optimum use of this free tool. By using this tool you can search the keyword tendency of a specific country or the search tendency worlwide. You will also get the result of related queries. You can also search the words found in related queries as your keywords or you can compare search tendies of two search terms.
  2. Search volume: We also have to find out the search volume for the keywords that we want to include in our work. Search volume means how many people usually( monthly) search those keywords. Keyword surfer chrome extension can help you find search volume for free. You just have to download it from the chrome web store. You can also use “Ubersuggest” chrome extension which I am also using. I think Ubersuggest is the best chrome extension as it will provide some extra information than other extensions. You can find out search volume from other Keyword research tools as well.  You can find search volume from ubersuggest, Google keyword planner and other free tools.
  3. Keyword idea: We also have to gather ideas of the related keywords. So we can find keyword ideas from keyword research tools like SEMrush, ahref, etc. These are paid tools. Apart from these, we can find out keyword ideas for free from the Keyword surfer. Type a word on Google and you will find keyword ideas from keyword surfer. When you will scroll down you will see related searches and take the one that matches your need and search on google again. Again you will find some keyword ideas. Find out the one that is related to your business and has a high search volume. You can also use some other free tools like answer the public, higher, Ubersuggest etc. “Ubersuggest” has good feature of giving keyword idea.
  4. Keyword Competition: Similarly we can find out keyword competition for free or by using a paid tool. If we search for a keyword and look for all the websites that are ranked on the first page of Google we will see that not all the websites are related to the specific keyword. What I mean to say is that not all those websites ranked on that keyword intentionally, some were selected by the Google as they have high quality content. So we can say that by observing the first ten websites on Google first page we can get a idea. If most of the websites seem to be ranked for that specific keyword we can assume that the keyword will be difficult to rank on Google. On the other hand, we can find out keyword difficulty of a certain keyword from a paid tool like SEMrush. You can also find out a related easy to rank keyword from SEMrush tool. Some free tools like ubersuggest will give you an idea of the webpages related to your search queries have how much backlinks on an average. A premium version will give you more information. You can get an idea of the competition by analyzing above mentioned factors.
  5. Keyword research tools: The two most popular tool for keyword research in the world of digital marketing is “Ubersuggest” and “SEMrush”. The only disadvantage of SEMrush is that it is paid and little expensive. Another tool for keyword research is “ahref”. If you want a keyword research tool that will only do your SEO related keywords then  ahrefs is the best tool for you. It focuses only on SEO related keyword research. If you have a good budget then you can definitely go for the SEMrush keyword tool. This tool will not only help you do keyword research for Search engine optimization, you will get some other Digital Marketing tools there like advertising, social media, content marketing, and competitive research. If you are doing SEO for your own website you can use any free tools available. When you start earning a good revenue then go for a paid tool.

After reading the above points, you will have a good idea about keyword research tools in SEO. Without doing proper keyword research, it will be very unlikely to rank on Google’s first page.

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