Whitehat link building strategies

Whitehat SEO link building techniques

Whitehat SEO link-building techniques are the tactics by which a website is optimized organically for the long-term growth of the website by relevant link building and relevant and quality content that will improve the overall user experience.

1. Select a low competitive but everlasting keyword:

1.1) Manual method

1.2) Using SEO tools:

1.1) Manual method:

In the manual method, we do not use any SEO tools. Suppose you want to find out a keyword related to weight loss. Go to the Google search bar and type Weight loss and then press space. Follow the picture below

Picture:finding keyword for whitehat SEO

Suppose you want to write content related to the weight loss diet chart. So now click this and do another search in Google. This time type Weight loss diet chart and then space.

Picture: Finding everlasting keyword for whitehat SEO

Suppose your content is about weight loss diet charts for females. Now you have to check if this keyword is a low competitive and everlasting keyword or not. Go to google search bar and type “allinURL:weight loss diet chart for female” see the picture below

Picture: Finding keyword through manual method for whitehat SEO

From this picture, you can see that there are only 9 results. This means only 9 websites have optimized this keyword for SEO. So you can consider it a low competitive keyword. Now the question comes how you can say that this keyword is everlasting or has high search volume. Yes, the answer is that when you were typing keywords with space Google suggested this keyword because people search on Google using this keyword. In this way, you can do keyword research without any tool.

1.2. Using SEO tools:

for a full understanding read Keyword research tools in SEO

2. Write an amazing piece of content that stands out:

The second step of whitehat SEO link-building techniques is to write amazing content. Before you decide to write an amazing piece of content, you have to make sure that

  • You have adequate knowledge about the topic and also you incline the topic.
  • Keep in mind and check out how elaborately and in-depth content has been written by your competitors on the topic you are willing to write. ( Do a Google search by typing a keyword). To stand out you have to write better content.
  • Write unique content and do not copy others.
  • Write SEO-friendly content.
  • Use necessary pictures, graphs, infographics, and screenshots.
  • Word count: To find out word count, you have to watch out for your top three competitors through Google search and make an average word count of their content. Thus you will find out an approximate idea of your content’s word count.
  • Content language: Content language should be simple and easy to understand 

The third step of whitehat SEO link-building techniques is to analyze how many backlinks you need. Usually, highly competitive contents require more backlinks than low or medium competitive content. You can also get an idea of the number of backlinks you need by analyzing your top competitor’s backlinks. You have to make more high-quality backlinks than your competitors to beat them and come to the first page of the search engine.

Picture: Screenshot # 1 of finding competitor’s backlinks
Screenshot # 2 of finding competitor’s backlinks
Screenshot # 3 of finding competitor’s backlinks

To find out how many backlinks you need, you have to follow the steps in the picture. First,  make a Google search of the keyword as you can see in the first picture. Now you will find the results. Go to each website as you can see in the second picture. Copy the links to the websites. Check for the backlinks of the websites through the ahrefs backlink checker as you can see in the third picture. Do this process for at least three to four websites. Now make an average to have an approximate idea of how many backlinks you need.

This is one of the most popular white hat SEO link-building techniques. This strategy was invented by Brian Dean of Backlinko. He showed how a simple modification to a popular post resulted in hundreds of backlinks and nearly doubled his organic search traffic in only two weeks. Now a question may come why this technique is named skyscraper link building strategy? Because it is resembling that you are choosing the tallest building. Adding some more floors to it. And now your content is updated and more worthy. Follow the three steps below to be successful in Skyscraper link building strategy

  • Find articles with a significant amount of backlinks: At first, you will need to find articles that contain lots of backlinks. So how will you find content with lots of backlinks? The answer is easy because as we already know our focus keywords, we can Google search easily with those keywords and then go to each website, copy the URL and check the URL for its backlinks through a backlink analysis tool like ahref. 
  • Write in-depth content with more information: Read all the articles on the first page. For example, I have searched for ‘Whitehat link building strategies” and got the results. Have a deep look at all the articles ranking on the first page. Amount of information they have given in their articles, the word count of those articles, images, videos, and infographics they have embedded. Remember to follow a skyscraper strategy, you have to become better in every aspect. Collect more and more information on that topic and try to write a better copy.
  • Reach out to the right people for high-quality backlinks: As I mentioned before that we have to check for the backlinks of those websites ranking on the first page with our keywords. Check thoroughly which links are linkable and high-quality links. Some links may be no-follow, low quality, spammy, unnecessary, or unrelated. Collect the data and reach out to the right people to get backlinks. 

Resource page building is an effective link-building strategy and also a whitehat SEO link-building technique. Some websites publish resources related to your website. For example, your website has content related to sports. Some websites have resource pages like “top sports blog in 2021’’ or “top 15 sports-related websites’’. Try to get connected to those website owners and build a good relationship through email or Linkedin. After building a good relationship you can ask them to include your website in their list. You can also try another effective hack. At first, visit that website and notice which kind of articles they have included in their resource pages. Try to write a similar and better quality article and ask that owner to include  If your website also has high-quality content then there are chances that they will include your website on their resource page. Thus you will get a lot of traffic as they are already ranking in Google. Google will consider it a good quality backlink. Search parameters to use to find out resource pages related to your blog.

Keyword “resources’’

Keyword “best resources’’

Keyword “useful resources”

Keyword intitle:links

Keyword “helpful links”

Keyword “best sites”

Keyword “best blog”

Keyword “blog awards”

Keyword “places to learn”

Here in the place of keywords, you will use your website topic. In an excel sheet, you can make a list of the resource pages. Try to Find out as many websites as possible using each search parameter. Then you will get a target list for your resource page building strategy. Now you will do the actual reach out to those website owners. 

7. Guest posting:

One of the most popular ways of whitehat SEO link-building to get a quality backlink is guest posting. Guest posting means you will post for a website relevant to your website to get a backlink in your website. You can get a backlink from the middle of the post or the about section.

 To do guest posting at first you have to do target finding. Target finding means making a list of the websites you will consider writing for. You can do this task in four ways,

Google search is a popular technique to find out your target listing for guest posting. Suppose your main keyword is “air travel’’. Here you can take travel as a broad term to find your target list. In an excel sheet make 4 columns like Google search term, Website Address, Contact details, and first name or brand name. Search terms can be like

Your keyword  “Guest post”

Your keyword “Write for us’’

Your keyword “guest article’’

Your keyword “Guest post opportunities’’

        Your keyword “This is a guest post by’’

Your Keyword “Contributing writer’’

Your Keyword “Want to write for’’

Your keyword “Submit blog post’’

Your Keyword  “Contribute to our site’’

Your keyword “Guest column’’

Your keyword “Submit content’’

Your Keyword “Submit your content’’

Your Keyword “ Submit post’’

Your Keyword “This post was written by’’

Your Keyword “Guest post courtesy of’’

Your Keyword “Guest posting guidelines’’

Your Keyword “Suggest a post’’

Your Keyword “Submit an article’’

Your Keyword “Contributor guidelines’’

Your Keyword “Contributing writer’’

Your Keyword “Submit news”

For example, you have typed travel “guest post’’. Now you will get a lot of search results. Now enter into the websites to find out the contact method like an email address or LinkedIn profile and the first name of the owner. In case you don’t get the first name take the brand name. For each search term, you can make a list of  400 or 500 website information that allows guest posts. Now enter them into an excel sheet like these. 

Thus you will get a target list.

Go to Twitter.com and search your keyword guest post. If your keyword is travel then type travel guest post. Thus you will get some results which you can enter into an excel sheet.

You can make a target list analyzing your competitor backlinks. Type your desired keyword in the Google search bar. Now you will get your top competitors. Copy their website addresses. Go to a paid tool like SEMrush and paste their URLs. Click search. From the backlinks option, you will find the websites from which they have their backlinks. By analyzing their backlinks you can easily find out guest post backlinks. Guest post backlinks can be identified easily as those backlinks will contain the words “Guest post’’ in the URLs. 

In an excel sheet, you can list those websites with contact details as your target list.

7.4 Guest posting sites for “Your Keyword”:

If you still have not got your desired targeted list then you can search for guest posting sites for “Your Keyword”. If your keyword is travel then search guest posting sites for travel. Now from the results make your desired targeted list.

Sending emails to get guest posts: Sending mails to those website owners from whom we want to get backlinks.  As basic Email sending rules are known to all. So here we will discuss some hacks that may help you a bit to get your work. These hacks are

  1. The subject should be catchy. Try to address website owners by his/her name. The open rate will be increased if you can write an attractive subject line.
  2. The first email should be an introductory email. You should not tell an unknown person that you want a backlink or want to write a guest post on that site. It sounds a little awkward if we want some kind of favor or help in the first email. If you do this there are good chances that the response rate will be low.
  3. Try to build a good relationship through exchanging emails.
  4. When writing Emails try to mention the owner’s recent post or about the blog page or about any image or anything that you saw while visiting the page. These will create an impression in the owner’s mind that you have actually visited their website and seen those specific things that you are talking about.
  5. You can tell them that you also work with the same type of content and you want to make a good bonding to know their work better. You can also mention your website address.
  6. Always send customized or personalized emails to every recipient.
  7. Send a follow-up email after 2-3 days of sending the first email asking the owner if he/she has got the mail.
  8. Continue conversation for a few days. After making a good bonding try to connect with them through LinkedIn. After connecting in Linkedin for 7-8 days ask for a guest post or backlink from them very politely. 
  9. Do not send generic emails to too many recipients rather send personalized emails.
  10. It is better to send 20 personalized emails daily rather than sending 500 generic emails using the software. Response rate will be higher when you send personalized emails.

Broken link building is a popular backlink strategy. In this strategy, a person who is willing to get a backlink tries to find out a broken link, recreate a similar content, reach out to the website linking to it and tell them to replace the broken link with the recreated fresh link if they find it worthy. You can get an idea from the following picture

Picture: Sample Email on how to reach out for a broken link building

In this way, you can make an actual reach-out to the website that has a broken link. It is likely if they read your mail they may replace that broken link with your fresh link and you will get a backlink.

9. Finding technical issues through SEO audit:

Technical SEO means checking the technical aspects of a website and optimizing the website and server so that the Search Engine increases the organic ranking of the website.

So we will check if there is any technical issue regarding our website so that when Google visits our website it does not find any fault.

If we have access to agency analytics tools we can easily do it. Go to the integration option and then go to the SEO option and you will get site-auditor. There you can perform a site audit. After finishing the audit it will give you an SEO score and identify the problems of your website.

If you do not have access to a premium tool like agency analytics then you can use a free tool like “screaming frog”. The main disadvantage of this tool is that you can do an audit for a maximum of 500 pages.

Go to screamingfrog and type the URL of your website and press search. Now screaming frog will start auditing the website. After it finishes crawling the website for auditing we will see the results. Now from the overview option, we will see the results like summary, crawl data, internal, external. We do not need to check all the data but we must check the internal option. Here you will get options like page title. From the page title option, you will see all, missing, duplicate, over 60 characters, below 30 characters. Also, check the meta description option. If there is any error like missing alt text or missing alt attribute fix all of them. After checking all the technical issues we will start on-page and off-page SEO.

10. Giving a shoutout through thank you email: 

This is one of the most popular whitehat SEO link-building techniques. You can make a page on your website named “Resource library”. Here you will mention those websites that you follow. After that you let those website owners know that you have given them shoutouts. Try to build relationships with them by exchanging emails. After building a good relationship you can ask for a backlink from them. Even if you have featured any website or blog on your website, you can simply send them a thank you mail and let them know that you have given a shoutout to their website.

Picture: Sample Email screenshot on how to reach out for shoutout backlink

Above mentioned are some amazing strategies to build whitehat link-building strategies that will be very useful for 2022 as Google algorithm update is getting better and will prioritize reliability of the link placed on the content.

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