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What is Email Marketing Database? Elaborately explained

 Email Marketing Database is a collection of contacts( usually name and Email address) by the companies which they use for their marketing purposes. Companies often send their email marketing newsletters to their existing and prospective clients or they may send marketing emails for brand awareness or product or service selling. For all these purposes companies require a quality email database that will give them quality leads and quality leads result in ultimate sell or profit.

How to make an Email Marketing database:

Basically, there are two ways to make an Email Marketing database.

  • Create your own Email Marketing Database
  • Buy Email databases from external companies

Create your own Email Marketing Database:

To create your own Email Marketing Database following steps can be followed.

  1.1. Offer something free:

This is a very good and easy way to collect the Email address. Suppose you sell courses on different topics like basic computer learning, graphics design, digital marketing, etc through your website. To promote your courses you need to collect the email addresses of those people who are interested in learning different courses online. Now you can offer some courses for free and register for those courses you will ask them to sign up by giving their name, contact number, and Email address. You can save those signup information and build an Email Marketing database for your use. Now you can use those Email data to send marketing emails to promote your other paid courses. Conversion possibilities will be high as those people have an inclination towards online learning.

1.2. Provide a free trial:

As you can see many online tools will provide you a free trial and while signing up for those trials you will need to provide your email address which they will use later for Email marketing. They usually give ya ou free trial for building their email marketing database.

1.3  Quiz or survey:

Collecting Email addresses through arranging a quiz is also a good method. But at first, declare the quiz event well ahead of time and try to promote the event using social media. Make a strategy to make the event a buzzword. Also, declare an interesting reward for participating in the quiz. Thus the number of participants will be increased. Now set a few interesting and easy questions along with name and email address so that participants do not feel bored answering the questions and click submit. You can use Google Forms to collect this information. Also, you can ask them to subscribe using an  Email address so that they can get notifications about their winning prize.

1.4 Targeted Facebook ads:

You can run sponsored ads via Facebook on the basis of geography, demography, and interest of your prospective clients. By clicking on those ads you can redirect them to your website through a call to action button. On that website, you can offer them something useful or valuable for them on a free or trial basis by signing up with their name and email address. Thus you can get an Email database of prospective clients who are interested in a similar business you are working with.

1.5 By being proactive:

When an individual visits your website it means that they are either interested in your product or your content. You can ask for their email address when they are making a purchase on your website or you can ask to put their email address when they are reading an article on your website to read the full article.

1.6  Email Newsletter:

Email Newsletter is one of the most popular ways of collecting Email addresses. You can ask your website visitor to subscribe to your email newsletter to get updated information about your product and service. The visitors will also be

educated on different topics they are interested in through subscribing to email newsletters. Mailchimp is a great tool that connects well with WordPress websites and managing subscribers and campaigns becomes easy with it.

1.7 Give away:

People always love to get free stuff or giveaways. Offer some giveaways on a few occasions throughout the year and collect Email addresses from people when they sign up for those giveaways.

1.8 By using Email extractor :

Using an Email extractor extension is a manual method of collecting an Email database. There are many email extractor extensions. By using an email extractor extension you can assemble contact information on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Yelp, Yellow pages. Email hunter is one of the most famous email collecting software tools. This kind of lead generation tool is a little expensive.

These are the methods of collecting Email addresses manually.

 2. Buying Email database from external companies:

In this section, we will discuss why it is necessary to buy Email addresses and what things to keep in mind while purchasing an Email list.

2.1 Why it is necessary to buy an Email address: 

  • To increase your sales by expanding your reach.
  • Quality leads will increase your ROI.
  • To save your time which will be required to make a manual database.

 2.2 Things that should be taken into consideration before buying an Email Marketing database:

 Although making a manual database is considered the best practice there are lots of benefits of buying a quality email database. But when purchasing a database, quality is one of the most crucial factors to consider. The simplest strategy to prevent ending up in your prospective clients’ “Spam Folders” is to get a “clean” database. To ensure that the data on your list is clean, follow these steps:

Origin and precision:

Esteemed Email Marketing Database sellers will give you the full details of the source from where they have collected the data so that you can estimate the credibility and accuracy of the data.


Esteemed sellers will keep a record of the authorization of the list i.e they have the proof that that person on the list agreed to give their email addresses why and how they agreed.

Refreshed database:

Esteemed sellers will give you an updated or refreshed database. The old database will not be that effective.


Check to check if the list has been cross-referenced with relevant organizations and services.

Terms and Conditions:

Try to understand all the terms and conditions while purchasing an Email Marketing database such as how frequently you can use the data. 


Before purchasing an Email Marketing database be careful the money you are going to pay will align with your budget, financial strategy, and planning or not.

 Return on investment:

Before purchasing an Email list calculate your probable return on investment and then make the purchase.

Who are the best Email database providers?/ Who are the best Email list providers?: 

If you want to buy business database or buy business Email list then the following companies will be of great use to you.

Medico Leads:

This company will give you a medical database solution. You will get almost all kinds of medical leads from here like Doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical executives, medical device manufacturers. You will get a huge list from them as they have almost all the categories of leads.

Photo: Medico Leads, Email Marketing database selling company

Blue Mail Media:

If you require marketing and sales data then Blue Mail Media is a great solution. To drive conversion and great a huge return on investment you can use their data.

Photo: Blue Mail Media, Email Marketing database seller company

Binary Clues:

They have a database list of almost all types of industries and you can also get your customized database list if you desire.

Photo: Binary Clues, Email Marketing database seller company


LeadPyramid can give data for industries such as Information Technology (IT), Healthcare, Human Resources, Marketing, and any other decision-maker list.

Photo: LeadPyramid, Email Marketing database seller company


You can get Sales, Marketing, and recruiting data from here. You can also use Lusha Extension to discover contact information on the internet.

Photo: Lusha, Email Marketing database seller company


In Rocketreach data is verified in real-time for 450 million professionals in 17 million enterprises throughout the world.

Photo: Rocketreach, Email Marketing database seller company

Lead 411:

lead 411 will give you sales service, saas and technology, marketing service, and recruiting service. Every size objective and budget can be met with their price plan.

Photo: Lead 411, Email Marketing database seller company


Cloudlead is a B2B data company located in the United States with a mission to provide the best data to all sales and marketing professionals.

Photo: Cloudlead, a B2B data company

Whatever is the way you collect your Email address, your next step is to segment and target the lists based on their activities. A reputed Email marketing seller will provide you the opportunities to see their activities or how they have collected the email address. Segmenting and targeting will help you to send a customized email to your prospects. For example, you have got an Email address from a person because he has availed himself of a free “MS Excel course for beginners” on your website. As you know the activity of the person through which you got that email address now you can send him/her email about a paid course of “Advance MS Excel’’ at a discounted price. So this is all about the Email Marketing database.

If you have more queries or you are eager to learn more about Email Marketing and how to do it free then read this article “Email Marketing for free”

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